Friday, May 30, 2014
Red Lipstick EffectRED WARNING! 
This Might Hurt Your Eyes!
Colors is a big factor to our existence, they can have a gigantic effect on so many aspects of our lives, everything from self perception to our moods and environment.
For example the color blue will have a calming effect on a person, while red can have the opposite effect, and I can speak from personal experience.
Friday, May 23, 2014
"There is One day in Your Life that you want the celebrity look, and that day is your Wedding Day."
If there is a time that most if not all women want the perfect makeup, then it is on their wedding day when we literally want to look their best.
To get the best outcome, some of us spend a substantial amount of money to hire a makeup artist they believe can make them look their best. While that is a good step to make us achieve the glitz and glamour associated with the wedding day, it is equally important for us to know about makeup styles, how to apply them for the best results,
Wednesday, May 21, 2014
How To Get Bigger LipsThe fascination for big, full, sexy lips has lasted for centuries. Most girls dream about getting bigger lips and do not know how to do so without having to go under the knife.
Read on to find some easy yet effective make-up tips for getting bigger lips without plastic surgery.

1. Use a lip-liner:

Lipstick forms an essential component of the daily make-up routine of most girls but very few use a lip liner.
Tuesday, May 20, 2014
"Do You Have Oily Skin and Would You Like to Know how Your Makeup can stay Matt for Longer?"
Do you have oily skin and don’t know the right product to use for oily skin types?
Then you are at the right place, because here we will take a look at the right makeup for people with oily skin and it will help your skin to look more healthy and younger.
Every skin type on this earth produces oil however people have different types of skins and hence some overproduce oil while others produce lesser oil having dry skin. If it produces a lot of oil, then we refer to it as oily skin.
Monday, May 19, 2014
Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin"AHHH S.O.S A Slippery Slope, Everything Slides of My Face!"
In the case that your skin is extremely oily, then most likely you are getting sick of keeping it far from that irritating sparkle, because it just ads to the shine. You may be washing your face various times a day, yet that shiny look might show up once more.

Another point to keep in mind, is the fact that oily skin is more inclined to pimple inflammation and pimples. It makes you look tired and oily. Oily skin might influence your
Sunday, May 18, 2014
makeup for dry skin types
"Avoid the Famous and Tragic Cakey Face, Don't Crack up!"

In the last few years, we women have been even more conscious about our health and skin.
Pollution! Pollution!
Therefore, we want to use cosmetics which are healthy and don't harm our skin. In fact, women with dry skin need to be even more careful about harmful
Saturday, May 17, 2014
No Need for Fake Eyelashes when You got a curler.
It is rightly said that eyes are the key to the soul. So, it is really important for you to make them more attractive.
Women have many ways to look good, but eyes can only look good when you make it the center of attention.
The first thing that people notice is the eyes. This is because it tells a lot about the person.
Thursday, May 15, 2014
Christian Dior"Zest is the Secret of all Beauty. There is No Beauty that is Attractive Without Zest."
- Christian Dior
It is often said that make-up makes a woman more attractive. Whether this is a fact or not, it has proven to be a topic of contention. However, across the board, women and make-up have had a complicated relationship of love and hate.
It is clear to most that there has been high demand for various make-up products of high quality.
Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Coco Chanel cosmetics"In order to be Irreplaceable one Must Always be Different."
- Coco Chanel

Chanel is a French company started in 1909 by Gabrielle Chanel also known as “Coco”.
It’s a high end fashion house whose specialties are ready to wear clothes, makeup accessories, luxury goods and fashion accessories.
Coco Chanel had a very good knowledge of fashion and fashion accessories. Her taste was excellent when it comes to dresses, jewelry and make up for women.
Every product of this brand symbolizes elegance and style keeping up with the trend.
Monday, May 12, 2014
How To: Look like Marilyn MonroeWould You Like to Look Like Marilyn Monroe For a Day or More?
If you answer yes to that question, then I urge you to read this little post.
I thought I put a little recipe together, that could teach anybody, how to look like Marilyn Monroe. And best of all, no Plastic surgery needed ;)
We all Know and Love Her, still to this day she is an icon all by herself. Some think that she was nothing but a dumb blonde, I surely do disagree on that statement. I have always felt that she was a very fragile woman, with a heart of gold.

Saturday, May 10, 2014
Recipes for Scrub Creams
Scrub Those Dead Cells Away Today!

Body scrubs are probably the most refreshing things you could give to your skin. However, body scrubs at spas can be very expensive to do on a regular basis, which is why it is so popular to make your own personal scrub creams to use whenever you desire.
Friday, May 9, 2014
EX...., What?!
The skin is the largest organ in all animals and its main purpose is protection (yes I know, an Organ? What is that female talking about?) But apparently the definition of an organ is many cells working together, which is what our skin does, Yup Strange...
This means that the skin acts as the guards towards many bacterial particles that it collects during the day or night. After some time, the skin upper layer of the skin will be coated by dead skin cells which have already finished their protective purposes. Since the cells are already not functional or have no positive impact on the skin, they regularly need to be removed or scrapped of.
One commonly used procedure in the removal of dead skin
Thursday, May 8, 2014
Whitening TeethDo You Drink Tea or coffee?
Do you eat?
Do you breathe? :)

Then You Will Need To Whiten Your Teeth at some point.

From a personal point, I smoke (not recommended) and drink both coffee and tea :/ And even worse I have an odd dentist that is against whitening ones teeth?!...
yup, Don't ask me, she wouldn't even give me any pointers, when I asked about Whitening them..

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Hoola Bronzer from Benifit
Have you ever used this high quality cosmetic product? In-case you have never used it then you have really missed the natural beauty you have dream of. 
You can always make yourself look elegant by using Hoola Bronzer. It has quality features hence the best for you. I t has a super matt brown finish, that will make your skin appear smooth and attractive.
Monday, May 5, 2014
Highlighting and ContouringHighlighting and contouring is one of the most established make-up strategies that each lady ought to bear in mind. While it used to be a cosmetics mystery of celebrity makeup artists to make cheekbones pop and skin shine, the tips to highlighting and contouring are currently common to cosmetics enthusiasts.
Laura Mercier stand
Have you ever heard of Laura Mercier cosmetic products? If not, then it's about time that you do :)

Raging the genre of beauty and fashionable products, Laura Mercier with its products for every kinds of skin, makes it stand at a topmost position in the industry.
Sunday, May 4, 2014
The Touche Eclat Radiant Touch pen by Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) is a mainstream item in the cosmetics world.
This faboules item is so wanted that it is now being used all over the world.
The item arrives in a light thin gold pen with brush implement and a YSL monogram cover. If you receive a new one, then you will notice that it might take more than 2- 5 clicks to get the fluid out.
Saturday, May 3, 2014

Make up primer is a cosmetic that is designed to conceal and smoothen skin texture and fine lines on the face. Similar to primer for painting, primers ensure that the person has a uniformly colored face to make cosmetic application easier.
Friday, May 2, 2014
Which Face Primer do You Think is the Best?

Vogue was created back in 1892, as a weekly publication in America. Since then it has off course had many owners, but despite this, it has always been a growing women's magazine, hence its existence today.
Today, Vogue has an audience of 1.6 million people every month.

NO. 5

Image by WindBlower
Do You Need a B.B. Cream Right Now?!
It has Never been this Easy and its Free!
A B.B. Cream is normally used for a day time makeup base, it is not as heavy as a foundation, nor should they be confused with each other. There are a lot of B.B. Creams that are able to cover up blemish and blackheads.
Another name for B.B. cream was Beauty Balm, blemish base, beblesh balm. It is a cosmetic product that descends from the East and Southeast Asia, but it is now widely used everywhere in the world.

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