Thursday, May 15, 2014
Christian Dior"Zest is the Secret of all Beauty. There is No Beauty that is Attractive Without Zest."
- Christian Dior
It is often said that make-up makes a woman more attractive. Whether this is a fact or not, it has proven to be a topic of contention. However, across the board, women and make-up have had a complicated relationship of love and hate.
It is clear to most that there has been high demand for various make-up products of high quality.
Thus, it is easy to understand why major companies are investing their funds in beauty products.
Because, let’s face it, every woman wants to look beautiful and it is this gap that has created a market for beauty companies like Christian Dior, S.A. 

Christian Dior make up
Founded in 1946 by Christian Dior, an enthusiastic designer who was of French decent and apart from makeup, his company also dealt in the manufacture of various leather products, fashion accessories, jeweler, fragrances, skin care products, footwear, and timepieces. The company was initially created as a fashion house for designing and making clothes. Later it expanded to other products.

Termed as one of the leading fashion houses as well as one of the top beauty products company, it is known for producing high quality products. The increased production of their wide range of products is an indicator of their reliability, as consumers can’t seem to get enough of them.
With market cap of 34.42 billion dollars, it is clear to see that they are doing something right. Whether it’s the 108,546 employees who are trained to give quality customer care or the fact that they are at the 192nd spot in the Forbes list globally, clearly, the numbers speak for themselves.

makeupThe products they boast of in their makeup category are actually placed according to the body part they are to be used. “They can’t be that many”, someone may say, but prepare to be amazed.

For the face, they have concealers, blush, foundation, healthy glow makeup (yes that exists), powders, primers, and bb crèmes. If you thought you only needed one product for your face, you might want to revisit that. For your eyes, sample some eyebrows liners, mascara, eye shadows, as well as eye primers. Your lips will need some action too and Christian Dior will not disappoint with a selection of lip liners, lip-gloss, lipsticks, and lip primers.

You wouldn’t want to forget about your nails which Dior provides a range of products to ensure they not only look healthy but are actually healthy. Some of the products they have in this category include; manicure products, nail lacquers, as well as nail art boxes.

They also offer an assortment of other accessories that act in ensuring that the user gets the perfect, intended results. These include brushes that can be used with a wide collection of the makeup products including blush and some of their eye shadows.

In case you’re uncertain on what type of make up to use, they have tutorials available online that direct you on how to use various products. Whether it’s a question of your complexion, they have products that are suited for you specific skin tone. Their customer care services go above and beyond to ensure complete customer satisfaction. They are a brand that will not disappoint you and of a quality, you will appreciate.
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