Friday, May 9, 2014
EX...., What?!
The skin is the largest organ in all animals and its main purpose is protection (yes I know, an Organ? What is that female talking about?) But apparently the definition of an organ is many cells working together, which is what our skin does, Yup Strange...
This means that the skin acts as the guards towards many bacterial particles that it collects during the day or night. After some time, the skin upper layer of the skin will be coated by dead skin cells which have already finished their protective purposes. Since the cells are already not functional or have no positive impact on the skin, they regularly need to be removed or scrapped of.
One commonly used procedure in the removal of dead skin
cells is called skin exfoliation. You might not realize it but your skin grows by producing new cells. During the growth, the skin needs to be fresh which can be done by exfoliation.
Exfoliation of the skin either on the body or on the face is largely determined by the various conditions under which you perform your daily tasks and also the type of weather.
Mostly skin exfoliation is done at least twice a day but this largely depends on whether your skin is soft or not.
For people that live on relatively hotter areas or people who work out and experience sweats regularly, exfoliating more than twice a week is also recommended. Many people tend to exfoliate skin around their face and forget the rest of the body, practicing the whole body exfoliation is very healthy.
There are many advantages that go together with skin exfoliation. One of the main reasons why people do it is to keep the skin looking healthier and fresher. Others may also do it to remove oils in their skin especially people that live in hotter areas where the skin oils tend to moisten the skin.
However, the general reason why exfoliation is vital to the skin is that it aids the removal of any build up dead skin cells leading to generation of newer cells that are more that give the skin a smoother and healthier look. There are many ways and procedures that people use when exfoliating their skin.
One such way is the use of home ingredients. One of the commonly used home remedies or solutions is on the use of a clean wash cloth which should be used with hot water.
Here one is supposed to exfoliate skin by placing the hot wash cloth on the body and letting stay for 2 minutes to open the skin poles. Once the poles are opened, one can clean the face with any kind of face wash followed by a mixture of sugar, walnuts, ground almonds and or baking soda.
However, there are also other ways that one can exfoliate skin using exfoliating cleansers usually with sea salt and other types of locally available skin cleansers.
When people exfoliate skin, they may also consider using body brush or exfoliating gloves and even exfoliating scrubs which may at times be too harsh to the skin. One may also decide on using chemical exfoliates containing glycolic acid which should be used at least once a week. When exfoliating your skin, you should also be careful using harsh exfoliating tools near your eyes as the skin around tend to be more sensitive.
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