Monday, May 12, 2014
How To: Look like Marilyn MonroeWould You Like to Look Like Marilyn Monroe For a Day or More?
If you answer yes to that question, then I urge you to read this little post.
I thought I put a little recipe together, that could teach anybody, how to look like Marilyn Monroe. And best of all, no Plastic surgery needed ;)
We all Know and Love Her, still to this day she is an icon all by herself. Some think that she was nothing but a dumb blonde, I surely do disagree on that statement. I have always felt that she was a very fragile woman, with a heart of gold.

Personally I would say that they used her to their advantages, yet never gave her true credit for all of her beautiful characteristics. I also Love her movies, she has always made me smile.
She embodied all that I thought a woman should contain.

An innocence that never died despite the heartaches she must have endured. A beauty which seems to become more beautiful for each year she lived. A grace unlike any grace that I have ever seen, because it shined from within, not on the outer layers, not superficial. With a few words said it the most sexy way, and men dropped to their knees.

I adore the fact that she wasn't as thin as ladies are today, I always thought they had better skin aback in those days, or maybe that's the black and white pictures, that gave me that perception. But I love the more fuller skin, than the skin hanging or just completely tighten up.

She was not a thin stick as many models and actresses are today, she had form and substance.

The Transformation

Okay so now to the Transformation, which anyone can make, and you have to believe me, even You can do this. I found some AWESOME teachers online, and they Will Teach you how to Look Like the Lady of Ladies, Marilyn Monroe.
Marilyn Monroe Makeup Tutorial

Thanks to the Video Creators/Teachers:

Video No. 1 is by HaileyHValentine

Video No. 1 is by Kandee Johnson

Marilyn Monroe -
Hair & Makeup Done By Allan Snyder 1954


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