Tuesday, May 20, 2014
"Do You Have Oily Skin and Would You Like to Know how Your Makeup can stay Matt for Longer?"
Do you have oily skin and don’t know the right product to use for oily skin types?
Then you are at the right place, because here we will take a look at the right makeup for people with oily skin and it will help your skin to look more healthy and younger.
Every skin type on this earth produces oil however people have different types of skins and hence some overproduce oil while others produce lesser oil having dry skin. If it produces a lot of oil, then we refer to it as oily skin.

People with this skin type, like myself sometimes, have to look for different types of products that reduces the oil.
There are different reasons why people have oily skin for instance it can be genetic, what one eats, getting yourself stressed up also causes yourself stressed also makes the skin oily and people living in humid areas tend to have an oily skin.
The foundation that people with oily skin should use, should be the one with names like 'matte' foundation/powder/finish.

This is a makeup necessity for oily skin as it helps reduce the acne. If you have oily skin then it is a necessity to be aware of the ingredients in the products that you choose, this will also help to reduce any acne problems. The foundation that you chosen should be oil free and should absorb the oil on the face to give you a dry skin surface.
To get the best results the foundation should be applied gently on the skin to give the skin the desired appearance.
Foundations are packed with vitamin E that help in moisturizing the skin hence giving one a smooth and good looking skin. But this can also make a oily face look even more shiny.
Foundation primers are necessary as they contain waxes and polymers, making it easy to apply. The foundation primers help bond the foundation of the make up to the skin making it long lasting
There are also different types of powders that are made for oily skin. These makeup powders are very vital for oily skin as they help prevent the skin from shining during sunny days and also play a great role in absorbing the excess oil from the skin.
The powder gives the skin a healthy look and makes it smooth. Different people have different types of skin and therefore use different types of powders that are in line with their skin type. For a healthy and fresh look make sure you apply the foundation properly, in a downwards motion, as this will help the makeup stay for long.
The powders efficient to people with oily skin include the one which will not lead to clogging of the skin the skin pores as many people with oily skin tend to have skin pores which are highly visible. Through the use of the right powders helps minimize the visibility of the pores and hence leaves the skin looking beautiful and healthy.
makeup powders mainly fall under two categories which include pressed powders and loose powders. The two types of make-up powders are made of the same component however the loose powder is usually finely milled than the pressed powder.
The loose powder is the most efficient type of makeup powder that people with oily skin should use; this is because it has the finest particles as compared to the pressed makeup powder. This makes the loose powder have different colors upon the skin than other types of powders hence giving the skin the best look.
These tips will give your skin the best result ever and you will no longer be worried about oily skin.

Milk Of Magnesia, is a rather interesting topic by itself, so I thought I dedicate a whole post about it, so please do stay tuned for that. A lot of ladies use this as a makeup primer, because it is able to suck all the oils out of one's skin. BUT and there is a big But, it can be very harmful depending upon your chemical structure and what your organs can take.. Yes I did say organs...


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