Thursday, May 8, 2014
Whitening TeethDo You Drink Tea or coffee?
Do you eat?
Do you breathe? :)

Then You Will Need To Whiten Your Teeth at some point.

From a personal point, I smoke (not recommended) and drink both coffee and tea :/ And even worse I have an odd dentist that is against whitening ones teeth?!...
yup, Don't ask me, she wouldn't even give me any pointers, when I asked about Whitening them..

DentistI have only been able to
(force/sweet-talk) her into cleaning my teeth very thoroughly, which she has been giving me for some 18 years now *lol
But that hasn't stopped me from finding other ways to get that job done, and believe me I have impressed her (probably also bugged her a little bit, because I am not that much money to her business ) :)
But anyway, I just wanted to share some Exclusive Tricks to Getting more whiten teeth, especially if you either have a dentist like mine, or one that demands thousands of dollars. The uplifting news is that the homemade whitener could be made rather effortlessly and has already given a lot of people very good results. 

Homemade Recipes for Whitening Teeth
To make a homemade teeth whitener, one must have two essential parts - the hydrogen peroxide and a heating pop. Both elements, which are sold economically at the nearby market or at the drug store, could be used particularly by having a vessel with a squeeze of heating pop in it, and afterward blending it with a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide. In the wake of blending it well, it will turn into a teeth whitening substance and it could be utilized quickly.
The Hydrogen Peroxide works as the acid in the homemade toothpaste, and then you need something that can grain the teeths surface.
While the homemade substance without a doubt has whitening components, the impacts and time obliged will differ relying upon the individual's dental history as there are those whose teeth got colored because of smoking (like mine) and/or utilization, while shaded teeth is something hereditarily inherited.
Homemade Recipes for Whitening TeethIt is critical to remember that the homemade whitener has blanching impacts, it doesn't have any cleaning profits (something which fluoride has). Thusly, it is prescribed to clean the teeth first with the consistent toothpaste (which probably has fluoride) and afterward using the teeth whitener for the dying.
The homemade teeth whitener can really be joined with different items that are made to dye teeth, for example, certain toothpastes that recently have solid blanching elements in their recipe.
There is a need to be careful, on the other hand, as an unreasonable measure of hydrogen peroxide can make the teeth and gums more delicate. In that capacity, it is best to peruse the marks. Meaning, DO NOT USE IT A LOT!
WARNING: If you use these homemade whitening recipes too much, then you WILL damage your gum and the roots of your teeth. Which is most likely why my dentist, doesn't want to do it. But going it every 3 - 6 months, should not hurt you, but then again if you have a fragile gum, then you might only want to do this once every 6 month.

The Strawberry RecipeThe Strawberry Recipe
The homemade substance can work with other regular products that we buy in the supermarket, for example, strawberries as these hold malice corrosive that will help extricate dental stains.
Said with other words, strawberry contains those small grains as you can see on the picture here. These grains works like a grinder does, so when you brush your teeth with Straberry (w. grains) then it will begin to grind the surface of your teeth.
To do this, a strawberry needs to be pounded and spread everywhere throughout the teeth before using the homemade whitening substance. With these close by, whitening teeth require not be exorbitant or awkward. The result with reference to how the outcomes turn out and the amount of time that is used.

Lemon Juice
An alternate for the hydrogen peroxide (the acid part) you can also use citrus fruit (Shonan Gold, Meyer lemon, Key lime - the yellow ones). The regular elements in citrus have acid properties. You can either brush your teeth with the citrus itself, or rub the citrus on your teeth. This does work. The issue with this strategy is that lemons are extremely acidic. The citric corrosive in the lemons can wear down your lacquer and exhaust the calcium in your teeth. Despite the fact that this technique lives up to expectations, most dental specialists propose not using citrus squeeze as a whitening executor.

How I Tend to Do it,
and what I use.

I have always gone directly to the root of things ;) so I got a bottle of hydrogen peroxide 3% (here in Denmark) and then Natron and toothpaste. Oh yes it is indeed a cocktail that your mouth and teeth will feel :)

Remember, Photoshop dosent follow us everywhere ;)

Do NOT use these recipes every day! I also recommend that you do not use them every week. There are some people recommending that people should do it more often, I don't. But that is completely up to you, depending upon your teeth gum.

Some Videos, To show You 

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