Monday, May 5, 2014
Laura Mercier stand
Have you ever heard of Laura Mercier cosmetic products? If not, then it's about time that you do :)

Raging the genre of beauty and fashionable products, Laura Mercier with its products for every kinds of skin, makes it stand at a topmost position in the industry.
The Silk Crème Foundation is a testimony to the above statement.
No doubt it is high priced as compared to several other products available at a much cheaper rate in the market. However the effect that you will perceive once you apply it on your skin is something that you might never have seen before. You just need a drop and it will be enough to give an even tone to your skin. Too much of it might make you look cakey. Also, the foundation lasts as long as ten hours. The foundation also fills your redness, uneven tone of skin , rough patches and makes your face appear soft, supple with a shiny touch.
Laura Mercier cosmetics
Coming next is the Lip silk balm which not only smoothes the skin but also reduce cracks and feathering. Its free of any fragrance and is also anti allergic. The representatives on the counter might tell you that this product will change the way you feel about lips and you might move away from the counter with a smile knowing that these lines are nothing but clichés. However, once you start using the lip balm, you will never be attached to the inexpensive products that you felt comfortable using till date. Your lips will not only look younger but will also be smoother with even tone. Moreover, if you apply this prior to applying your lipstick shades then you will see a sea change I the way the color of your lipstick comes out. You will be actually be gloating about your new purchase with the words of the representative at the counter resounding in your ears.
For the summers and the headache of getting tanned, you have Laura Mercier Illuminating moisturizers SPF 20. You will realize the effect once you use it for close to two weeks. There are more than one shade to choose from and the added protection will never make you shy away from the glares of the sun Goddess. You will be now be more than confident to step out in the daytimes during summers.
The Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer by this brand is also a must have. It will give you glowing, supple skin that will feel youthful and fresh once you touch it. It is best fro those who are always on the lookout for oil free moisturizers due to the fear of eruptions and pimples. This is a savior for those as they will never end up complaining about the lack of a comfortable moisturizer in the market. The components used in this product will nourish you skin and will make it appear even and blemish free.
There are more than just these products. The eye care products are worth a try from the liners, shadows etc, every product will make you feel like as you have explored a new face of makeup and will definitely turn you into a loyal patron.


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