Thursday, May 1, 2014
The Secret Makeup Diary Blog
I created this blog to share some makeup tips and what not about makeup. 
Personally I have always preferred makeup instead of plastic ;)
Now this blog will act as a side-part to a eBook that I am creating, which of cause is called the same as this blog. 
It will be amazing and it will fit all the ladies on this earth, and there will be something for all the skin types in the world!
I will write more about this Unique eBook later on :)
You have to stay tuned, because I am going to add some contest, where you can win high end cosmetics, and it's all FREE. No entry fees or anything like that! :)
If you have any comments or if you feel like something is missing, then please fell free to let me know and I will either add it or respond to it.


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