Friday, May 30, 2014
Red Lipstick EffectRED WARNING! 
This Might Hurt Your Eyes!
Colors is a big factor to our existence, they can have a gigantic effect on so many aspects of our lives, everything from self perception to our moods and environment.
For example the color blue will have a calming effect on a person, while red can have the opposite effect, and I can speak from personal experience.

In my young teen days I had a fixation on the color Bordeaux, so off course in my state of mind, I colored my entire room Bordeaux...

to begin with it looked awesome (to me), but as the days began to wander by I started to become more irritated by the slightest things, I remember being angry a lot. Not only that, but the room was turned into a dark chamber-like thing...

Even my curtains were that color, and believe me it was not the light version...
A year of having being a grumpy little one, I needed a change, and so I painted my room lighter colors and it change so much within me.

The Color Red

I remember back in the days of the old TV's if you turned the color red too much up on the TV screen it would also have a effect. I think this part is strongly advised not even to test, because if I am not mistaken have a very damaging effect on your brain.

It has always been known that colors have a great impact on us, which I why we love them so much, for each their own reason, and even through human history we have classified specific colors for specific events such as death, weddings, even a modern day like valentine's day, where everything goes red.

The color Red is for some considered to be a symbol of Cupid, love and passion. A woman having a red colored dress on is considered the most sexy dress color among some. Same phenomenon works in case of red lipstick. The luscious lips of a woman are considered one of the sexiest parts which grabs a man's attention in the first place.

Researching the Color Trail

Some researches proved that men spends more time with a gorgeous looking lady who applies red lipstick on her lips. Men are not only attracted to the woman's lips but they also spend more time fixation on the women's lips when she is wearing red lipstick.

In a recent study done by Manchester University scientists have found that men in the 10 seconds after they had meet a woman, spent more than half of the time gazing at a women's lips.
They spend approximately 6.7 seconds in case of pink and 7.3 seconds in case of red lipstick. This study involved the tracking the eye movement of 50 men as they were watching a women's image. After this study scientists have finally come to a conclusion that lips represent one of the most sensual parts of the woman's body and play a vital role in sexual attractions.

makeup in ancient egyptApplying red lipstick for attracting men is not new but it's been working since Ancient Egyptian times.

The Egyptian queens used a dark red color, which was extracted from some flowers and plants to apply on their lips.
There was another interesting study conducted at a French restaurant.

Here the female waitresses were asked to apply different color lipsticks and ask for the tip. The waitresses who applied red lipstick received tips 50% more from the male customers as compared to any other color like pink, brown, or no lipstick.

Red lipstick is the way of saying 'I care about how I look'. it is a look that speaks about confidence without following a trend.

Some of the famous celebrities have made it as a symbol of love like Marilyn Monroe. She had a very pale look and style, but her lips were like BOOM!

WARNING! Not for Everyone

Wearing the red lipstick is on the other hand, not for everyone. If you have low a very low self-esteem and your mind thinks that you won’t look beautiful in red lipstick then it would be better not to try this.
In some cases it lowers the woman's confidence, if they are too self aware, and feel like it is too much.


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