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Make up primer is a cosmetic that is designed to conceal and smoothen skin texture and fine lines on the face. Similar to primer for painting, primers ensure that the person has a uniformly colored face to make cosmetic application easier.
It is also beneficial in ensuring that the cosmetic applied adheres to the skin surface properly and effectively.

The primers are made from materials such as polymers, waxes, and silicone; it also has ingredients for SPF protection. There is a wide range of primers on the market and are based on the area of application for example a lips primer allows the makeup to stick without feathering and on the other hand, a tinted makeup can help a splotchy complexion look fair. The primers are problem or area specific and depending on the clients, interests then you are sure to get a primer to suit your needs. 

Formulas for Different Skin Types 

There are different formulas of primers for different skin types, lightweight silicone based makeup primer is good for oily skin or acne prone skin. It does not contain irritating ingredients and has the best consistency of smooth gel. In most scenarios, this kind of primer is usually labeled oil free. Heavy weight primers on the other hand contain lotions, waxes, or emollients and work mainly for aging and dry skin. 

Color Choices 

Makeup primers come in different color choices for the consumers; some are tinted while others are transparent. The tinted primers are effective when used for people with discolorations or age spots on the face. It is recommended that people choose a tint that is one shade lighter than their natural skin tone. This is because f they choose a tint similar to their skin tone the primer can look like a mask when combined with a foundation of the same color. 

Some primers come in bold colors such as yellow, blue , green and lavender , some of the ways of combining the colors include lavender and blue liven up a yellow skin, yellow tints helps in concealing blue shadows under the eyes among others. In most cases, transparent primers do not affect the color of the skin but aids in improving the appearance through moisturizing and filling of wrinkles. For an elegant casual look, people can wear a very light layer of makeup by applying transparent primers.

When using primers it is essential to start by preparing the skin wit gentle cleanser, thereafter followed by a moisturizer. After the moisturizer dries, the makeup primer can be then applied by the use of sponge or fingers. 

You can start by gently spreading a thin layer over the shiny areas of the face such as nose, forehead, and chin. It is imperative to use gentle swiping motion to avoid generation of big splotches or cause uneven application. 

After the primer dries for several minutes, any other makeup that was to be applied can then follow suit. There are many primer products in the market currently and it is up to the consumer to choose one that suits their skin and age. 

It is essential to ask cosmetologists on the recommended primer before buying one, whichever the case is primers are vital for an elegant looking skin.  

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