Friday, May 23, 2014
"There is One day in Your Life that you want the celebrity look, and that day is your Wedding Day."
If there is a time that most if not all women want the perfect makeup, then it is on their wedding day when we literally want to look their best.
To get the best outcome, some of us spend a substantial amount of money to hire a makeup artist they believe can make them look their best. While that is a good step to make us achieve the glitz and glamour associated with the wedding day, it is equally important for us to know about makeup styles, how to apply them for the best results,
and about how to apply them on your own.
This is one way to save money, and it enables us to apply the makeup according to our taste.
With differences in skin shades and texture, each of us needs to stick to a kind of makeup that blends well with our skin. On your special day of going down the aisle, remember to apply your makeup in the following manner:


First, it is advisable to apply the foundation. The most important point to remember here is that the foundation needs to be SPF-free. SPF makes your face look whiter, which may not bring excellent results in your wedding photos.


Use a concealer without SPF. The concealer is mostly important on the imperfections and under the eyes on the face.


Blush around the apples of the cheeks and along your hairline. It is advisable not to apply too much blush that may exaggerate the effect of the makeup. 


Your wedding will be graced by photo session and so you need to apply contours. Use a matte bronzer to apply the product on your cheekbones and on any part that will be exposed to the sun.


Your brows are important features of your facial expression. How they look on your wedding day is therefore important. While defining the eyebrows depends on personal preference, the most common products used in this step include eye pencils, brow powder, some gel, or wax. Based on the type of your skin, identify the right products and apply what can best work for you.


For your eye shadow, you need to remain neutral. Avoid anything bright. It is advisable to apply the lightest color, followed by medium colors and finally the darkest colors.


Once the process of application ends, look at yourself on the mirror and confirm if it’s well done. Most people are not perfect the first time and in case you identify any imperfection, you should correct it as early as possible. Clean all the powders and clean up all the cakey areas on your face.
Makeup is important for the beauty of every woman. While most women can get access to such products, the application brings the difference. Prior to your wedding day, you need to do a bit of research to find out the best products in the market, their prices and what can work for you.
By considering these points, you can get the best makeup and apply it like a celebrity.


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