Monday, June 30, 2014
Make up Blog"Let Two Leading Make up Artist Teach You Some Tricks"
Learn from the masters as they say, this is the best way to get more than just a few pointers.
With today's way of communicating every one can get access to information, the catch lies in which information source that you follow. there are too many people giving advice about things they haven't really studied.
Here are two people that know the ins and outs of the makeup industry on many levels
Two of the most popular make up artists in the world today are Mally Roncal and Scott Barnes. 

Mally Roncal
You may not know them but you surely know their clients. Among Roncal’s clientele are celebrities from the world of Hollywood and MTV.

You know that Roncal is top caliber talent if she is allowed to glamorize the faces of Beyonce Knowles, Rihanna, Celine Dion, Mary J. Blige, Heidi Klum, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Angelina Jolie.
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Scott BarnesScott Barnes on the other hand is another popular character in the realm of showbiz and he has an interesting story behind his success.

He went to New York in 1984 to become a fine-arts painter. He studied at the world-renowned Parsons School of Design. But as fate would have it, Barnes worked as an assistant for a fashion photography shoot and the rest as they say was history.

His glittering resume is filled with work assignment to make gorgeous women look more beautiful.
Some of the Hollywood celebrities on his list include names like Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez. Barnees also worked with Lopez to write his best-selling book about transformation and beauty secrets.

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Celebrities and Cosmetic Brands

One of Mally Roncal’s favorite client, Beyonce Knowles is an endorser for a popular cosmetics brand known all over the world as L’Oreal. But when Roncal tries to enhance the beauty of her celebrity clients she uses products that are manufactured under her company, Mally Beauty. One of her favorites is the Mally Beauty Believable Bronzer Skin Warming Powder.

If she is not using one of her products she recommends the application of Caudalie Fresh Complexion in the initial steps of the makeover process. She is also said to love the MAC Multi-Purpose Pigment in Pink Bronze.

Just like Mally Roncal, Scott Barnes established his own line of beauty products. It is called the Scott Barnes Cosmetics. Barnes already made a name for himself before he met Jennifer Lopez. But it was his collaboration with the Latina beauty that cemented his legacy.

Barnes said that he was able to amplify the beauty of Jennifer Lopez using some of his favorite products. He said that Bobbi Brown’s Foundation Stick from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is a good starting point. Barnes said that the next step to create the glow from within look is to use Guerlain’s Terracota Bronzer. And for the finale, Barnes used the Original Body Bling, one of the products under his own company. Barnes said that he likes the effect of quality products from cosmetics giants like L’Oreal and MAC.


There is a common denominator between Roncal, Barnes and their celebrity clients. They love products from MAC or Make-up Art Cosmetics. It is a leading brand used by many professionals. The company started in 1985. It became popular and profitable even without the use of clever advertising. The company simply relied on word-of-mouth endorsement from celebrities, models and professionals who use their products.

One reason why MAC is popular among celebrities is due to its stance against animal testing. But most important of all is its commitment and passion to manufacture quality products.


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