Sunday, June 29, 2014

"Her big Blue Eyes Could Enchant Any Man if She Wanted, in her Eyes the Heavens and Ocean are Reflected".

Do you have a blue eyes? 

Here are some amazing makeup tips for people with beautiful blue
eyes, that will help you to select the best eye shadow color that will make you achieve a perfect make-up look with little time, money and effort. You will be amazed how simple and fun it will be :)

Fabulous Eye Shadow Colors

For blue eyes, makeup in bronze tones are gorgeous at all times. You can wear it for both formal occasions and for a natural everyday look. When you desire to go beyond neutrals, consider violet, because they are used for both classic looks as well as for both summer and spring makeup.

The perfect looks are achieved when you keep these tones within the range that your personal blue depth can manage. Therefore, it is important to know the shades of your blue eyes.

Select the level that best matches your own eyes color. This will guarantee you a gorgeous set of Smokey eyes.

There are four distinct levels of blue eyes: 

1. Grey-blue
Sometimes it may be difficult to see if you have this shade in your eyes. Occasionally, it may tend to appear green and it may seem like a problem at first, but indeed, it is a benefit.
Use soft colors that will not overpower your light shade.

2. Deep dark blue (Color of sapphire)
Are your eyes intense and dark to an extent that they nearly look purple? Then, you can wear dark color eye shadows. However you should limit the lightest eye shadow colors for highlighting.
Light purple, deep grey and dark Smokey eyes will do an amazing for you. Bronze and copper eye shadow will be gorgeous for a summer makeup look. Silver will be a perfect selection for your beautiful deep dark blue eyes.

3. Mid-level blue
It shows a distinct bluish tone and you can wear anything between mid-range colors and light eye shadow. Dark peach, light copper, bronze and deep violet eye shadows will do a wonderful work for you.
Silver, blue and grey will make you look sensational. The darkest eye shadow colors will be great when used to line your eyes and in the crease areas.

4. Light blue
I am sure you have encountered difficulties when choosing eye shadows color to match your light blue irises. The solution is to choose middle color range eye shadows.
Use darker color to line your eye and in the crease areas. Ensure that you do not overpower your color when creating Smokey eyes.

Makeup Palettes

Eye makeup palettes and color selection is a guess work to many, but for those who are lucky to have blue eyes, it is not a hassle to them. There are dozens of palettes that does an amazing work for blue eyes. You can use a combination colors of more than one makeup palette.
If you need more depth, just dip your eye shadow brush in distilled water, then pick up more powdered shadow. It will be great to use it on the outer corner of the eyes and use an eyeliner to crown the amazing look for your blue eyes.
The underlying makeup tips for blue eyes is to begin simple and later play them around.
Makeup tips for Blue eyes


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