Thursday, June 19, 2014
Makeup Tutorials - The Best of the Best"I Could Not Make This Stuff Up! Make-up Tutorials from the Top!"

Some people might see makeup as a complex topic, and it actually is. The more you get into all the makeup out there, you start to realize how many braches of the word itself, that exist.

One of the most common problems that woman have is actually based on using the wrong make up for their skin types. This means, that many if not thousands of women have stopped using makeup simply because they thought that they were bad a putting makeup on.
"Girl'Friend Let me just give it to you straight! You Ain't bad at applying your make up. You most likely are using the wrong cosmetic products, and the brush that you use can also have a huge impact".

Recent reviews have shown that more and more women are preferring a natural or minimal make up look also known as the 'nude look', not because they do not like make up but because they are not aware of brush qualities and which product that they should use.

Celebrities and high profile personalities are able to hire makeup artists, skilled and trained with the art of makeup application and even they sometimes get it wrong. But practice always makes perfect, as the saying goes.
However, there is no need to despair, there are several tutorials available for you to use. 
When choosing a tutorial you might want something quick, but if you go for the quick tutorials, then you might miss out on some awesome tips, which you haven't heard before.

A tutorial that goes straight into the application process may not be sufficient. You probably should go for a tutorial that also focuses on helping you select the right make up for various occasions and skin types.
Tutorials on youtube for example are detailed and feature many different personalities, and there is a wide range of good tutorials.
The more detailed the video the better the lessons will be, because they also cover some challenges that you may encounter with choosing and applying your make up.
Pinterest includes a step by step guide, mostly in pictures off course, which are easy to follow and create the right look. The authors of pininterest include pictures on their tutorials, using instead of models average women who can indeed recreate their look.

With pininterest, you can also read comments and post questions that will help you understand the makeup application process much better.

Furthermore sites such as youtube and pininterest also allows the comparison of various makeup artists, so that you can choose one tutorial that you find relatable and easy to understands.
The process of finding a makeup application tutorial is not just about understanding the basics of makeup. There are tutorials that are quite specific to recreating a specific look. Most of these tutorials on youtube and pininterest is concerned with helping average women apply makeup similar to those of celebrities.

When you find a look that fascinates and interests you, you are able to read more, and watch tutorials that guide you in the step to step application of makeup. This means that you only need to find a look that you admire, and then watch step by step how you can do the same for yourself.
Of course, practice is the most important aspect of any make up tutorial. Even when watching the tutorials, take the time to follow through with the steps.

You can also download the videos, perhaps one or two to avoid confusion and memorize them. Like making food, makeup is unique an individualistic, so you can experiment and add your own personal touches.
Each person looks different, and you therefore do not have to make a look that is quite similar to another. Experiment and research on new looks which are more personalized to you.

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