Thursday, July 10, 2014
"This is the Information that You Need to Achieve those Wonderful Eye Shadow Designs that you can see all over the internet".
A short guide to different eye shadow styles, and easy for everyone to use. I hope you enjoy!

  1. An Introduction to Eye Shadows
  2. Eye Shadow Styles
  3. Tips and Tricks
  4. Eye Shadow Template - Free Download

1. A Very Short Introduction to Eye Shadows
Eye makeup, especially eye shadow, is a simple and fun way to draw attention to the eyes. Eye shadow accomplishes this task by taking advantage of dark and light tones to minimize and maximize certain areas of the eye. In general, darker tones will typically make larger areas appear smaller, and lighter tones will add emphasis to areas that need it most. This kind of makeup has exsisten since before the time of ancient Egypt.

Things to Consider

When working with colors, start with small amounts at first. The reason behind this is that it’s significantly easier to add eye makeup than it is to remove it. It’s also highly recommended to apply eye makeup before putting makeup on other parts of your face, as eye shadow has a tendency to flake or fall onto the top of the cheekbone, which can ruin your hard work and put a serious damper on your day!

2. Eye Shadow Styles

Simple Design This design,

known as a 2 color design, is a timeless practice based around using a light and a dark color. The first step is to take a light eye shadow color and apply it to the lid area (the area directly above the eyelashes). This makes the eye appear larger and brighter. The second step involves applying a darker color to the crease of the eye to draw attention away from it. Although this is a classic design, some people with larger eyelids have success reversing the order and applying dark to the lid area and light to the crease area.

• Intermediate Design

The intermediate design, or the 3 color design, takes the simple method above and builds on it. Utilizing the familiar light color on the lid and dark color on the crease method, this design adds a third dimension. After finishing the simple design steps, take a crease defining brush and apply an even darker color to the corner of the eye. This style will require some additional blending to look right, so take your time with it and always start with a small amount of makeup instead of globbing it on.

• Advanced Design

The more advanced designs involve four or even five different shades of eye shadow. Begin by following the steps in the 3 color design above, but afterwards apply a fourth color to the back corner of the eye. Make sure that this fourth color is darker than the rest, as this creates movement and shading that directs onlookers straight at your eyes. This will require a significant amount of blending, so ensure that you have ample time to do this before attempting this method, or have practiced it in the past.

3. Tips and Tricks

• Use one brush for each color of eye shadow you plan to apply. Using a single brush for multiple types is a good way to mix colors up and ruin your hard work.
• After dipping a brush in eye shadow, tap the brush along the case to shake loose any extra dust. This stops flaking in its tracks and conserves makeup, something everyone can appreciate.
• If you aren’t highly experienced with using eye shadow, begin with neutral tones before venturing into anything too dramatic. The best eye shadow styles are subtle and classy, and neutral colors accomplish this nicely.

4. Eye Shadow Template - Free Download


I thought this might come in handy for some.
On this page you can see some different eye shadow styles or should we say design.
I urge you to print this, because I am very sure that they will come in handy, especially for the beginners.

Print out the eye shadow template, and then you can practice with it, placing your own shadows, this is a wonderful way to see the end result before hand.
Always remember; Practice makes Perfect!
eye shadow template
Simply Click the image and pick 'save as' then save it where ever you want it, and then print it out.


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