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Achieve a more intense eye shadow color with 
Pigmented Colors
"Slap me Silly with you Best Pigments, and Color Up those Gorgeous Lids"
Pigment is a substance that is used to impact color onto a surface or to another substance. It is mostly available in powdered form and can be used as highlighter, eyeshadow, or can be mixed with nail polish, and various other things for creating new colored/shimmer products.

All eye shadows available on the market are in fact pigmented, because they can impart some
kind of color when they’re applied onto the skin. Most people use them as loose powder instead of pressed and as they’re highly pigmented, their color last longer, are more vivid and you’ll need less product to get a high-impact color.

To be brutally honest, pigment actually just means color.. Yes I know, this is the new hype of the marketing world of today.

I can give you a personal experience with this new way of marketing product.
I was standing by the bus stop here in Denmark, going into the city center Copenhagen, when a gigantic bus banner arrived right before my eyes, with this message:
"Get the New 3D Age Defying Hair color... bla..bla bla..."
That is what I calling taking words out of context and mixing them together in a ridicules way. first of 3D ?? Age defying?? and the product is simply a hair color.. Talk about hyping it up a bit ;)

There is, however, significant difference in the quality and intensity of pigmented eye shadow types, ranging from low-intensity eye shadows to very sheer and high-intensity and vivid colors.

Generally, the higher the concentration of pigment, the more vivid and true the color will appear on the skin.

A low-intensity pigmented eye shadow contain minimal pigment and large amount of filler ingredients and colorless powder.

Therefore, these eye shadows can impart a fine wash of color, but may not wear as long as high-pigmented shadows. While some people prefer this finish, these type of eye shadows are normally associated with lower-quality makeup brands.

Pigmented Eye Shadows.

"Give me those High Intensity Colors, so that I too, May Get Those Gorgeous Lids"

Pigmented eye shadow formulas with higher concentration of pigments are vivid, and long wearing, and can easily maintain the same color on the skin. This characteristic is of great help when choosing your eye shadow color, because you can be reasonably sure that color you’re applying will look precisely like the color of the eye shadow in the package.

It’s notable, however, that even if high quality pigmented eye shadow looks very intense or bright in packaging, they are usually very easy to blend with other shadows if you need to tone down any shade.

Before choosing your shadow colors, you should narrow down your choices between pressed and loose powders.

Pressed powders feature a cakelike, solid consistency, quite similar to traditional eye shadows.

Loose pigments are mostly packed in small jars, and feature a airy, lightweight consistency.

These are highly concentrated products and can provide a potent dose of color even in a small package.

So how to choose the best one?

First you need to consider your own makeup application skills; if you own quality makeup brushes and are perfect in using them, loose pigments are best as they offer purest, richest colors for your peepers.

If you don’t have such brushes, or want something easy to apply use pressed powder pigments instead.
Loose pigments are easier to use to create custom colors and they’re less likely to crease and clump than pressed powders, which contain some fillers and oils that hold them together.

When shopping for your makeup, keep in mind that most powdered makeup pigments can be applied to places other than your eyelids.

Sure, you can apply them around your eyes like a traditional eye shadow, but do you know that these products can also replace your nail polish or even your lipstick?

Try mixing these powdered pigments with some clear lip gloss for creating a custom lip color, or dip your wet makeup brush into a pot of powdered pigment and use it in place of your standard brown or black eyeliner.

Do you have your eyes set on a hot new shade of pigment that’s just too daring to be used as a eye shadow? Blend it with some clear nail polish and use it for painting your toes and nails for a fabulous, stand-out color.

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