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Oil Free Makeup Concealer"Concealers are the Hero's of hiding imperfections away, yet you must know how to use them correctly to get the best reslut".

This post-article is divided into two parts.

the first being about the concealer that you can find on the market, both for oily skin and dry skin.

The next post will be something that I know you will like, I am creating a concealer chart for you as well as a template of where to use the specific concealer. - It's all mapped out ;)

• What is a concealer?
• What you should conceal.
• Which kind of Concealer are out there?

Concealer are a necessity for any makeup lover since they have the ability to erase facial flaws, lighten, brighten and color correct hence the name concealer since it conceals imperfections and gives the skin a better tone. Concealer can multi-task and serve different purposes such as mask puffy eyes and stubborn pimples by covering them flawlessly.

What You Should Conceal

Uh, that is a good question, some might go a little overboard on this part. Always remember especially with the high end makeup, a little goes a LONG way.
Concealer Points
  • around the nose, especially in the crease side of the nose.
  • under the eyes
  • the chin
  • everywhere you have an acne breakout
You have to color correct with the concealer, this means different colors belong to different concealer colors. In the next post I will give you a color chart you can follow, and it is so easy.
"It is very much like working in the arts, everything from digital art to regular paintings. You are creating the Madonna upon you face, just like the artist creates her with his brush".

What Kind of Concealer are out there?

The best concealer can be pricey since nothing good comes easy or cheap these days. Taking care of your skin and especially your face can be quite costly since the best products are of high quality can reach extreme prices.

But there are regular good drugstore that sell concealer of a good quality. You should take a trip to your local drugstore and talk to them, they usually know what they have and which product that are good inside a certain price range.

Choosing in itself can feel like a hard task because there are many options on the market.

Oil Free Concealer

Oil free concealer are perfect for those with sensitive and very oily skin types and it also serves perfect for people with acne and scars.

Many products are filled with extra oils which then gets on the pores and can cause further decontamination of your skin which then causes pimples and worse skin conditions.
Oil free concealer are available in various forms and these include cream, stick, liquid and mineral.

When choosing a product you must be sure of the purpose you want it to serve. Coverage is the most important thing and a concealer can be used with foundation or on its own. Shade is also very important since it has to blend in well with your skin tone.

Liquid forms are most common and can be applied on the skin using sponges, application wands or even massaged using the fingers.

Oil free concealer are made to prevent extra absorption into the skin and others are also formulated with salicylic acid which aids healing of breakouts and other blemishes. Others are made specifically to reduce redness, inflammation and to help spots clear up much faster.

Such concealer do not have heavy synthetic components and they are also free of allergens. They are suitable even for those with oily skin types. There are other kinds which offer sunscreen protection but these have specific details which the buyer has to look out for.

You have to be sure of your skin type in order to find the best concealer. You also need to choose a concealer that has minimum shine and it can make you look natural and not overly enhanced.
It is also wise to go for products that help to hydrate the skin and is also light on the skin.

Extracts like apple seed, various essential oils, vitamin E and many more are just some of the few that should be considered when going through ingredient lists.

It is good to go for brands that are known and preferred as well since you are sure to get an experienced brand that has a constant flow of users.

Reviews are also full of information and facts from previous users and it always helps to go through a few before making your conclusion.

They are mostly honest and even if you won’t settle, you will learn something from them. Overall, oil free concealer are the best and are a must have and you should go for the best in quality.
Stay tuned for the second half of this post-article, because you will be able to get your hands on a concealer color chart and simple instruction on how to use them and where they are best applied.

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