Thursday, September 4, 2014
Concealer Wheel"No, not the wheel of fortune, but the wheel that can conceal."

  • The Concealer Wheel
  • How to Use the Concealer Wheel

There are a lot of people that stick to the regular two colored concealer, which tend to be peach and ivory, missing out on all the fabulous colors to conceal with.

The Concealer Wheel

Using this approach could be considered counter color-attacking the areas that are bothering you.
This is actually an ancient old knowledge, which painters have used for ages, and that is how you should see your face, like a perfect blank canvass, no matter what 14 century imperfection that is on it. 
Any imperfection can be used as a bases for perfection, that is the only way to reach perfection in anything, by improving on what one sees as imperfection.
What we do with the Wheel is counter color correction, which is where we use one opposite color to correct a pigmentation upon our face, let me give you an example that will explain it so much easier.
Let's say you woke up one morning and because you did not get a full rest, and you might have been working hard the day before, then there is a good chance that you will have dark rings under your eyes, ever tried that? :)
                 Well... we counter act it ;0)

How to Use the Concealer Wheel

If you look intensely at the rings under your eyes, then you will notice if they are a dark purple or blue or even red, right? So let's say you have
Dark Purple rings under your eyes, then you would look to your color chart and pick the opposite color on the chart, which in this case means, concealing with a Yellow color. Then you can add a tad of your regular concealer color to cover over the yellow, mixing it into your skin tone.
Concealer Wheel for Free - Download
Download Free Face Template with areas to conceal.
To Download the image to your own computer, you simply click on the picture, and a new window should open,
and then you right click and choose 'save as', place it where you can find it again. 
The Blue color is a counter color to red areas and also dark circles. This color is perfect if you have been out in the sun too much and you have a slight scold, or a windburn.

The Green color is the opposite to the color red and orange, this is also used to cover red areas

The color red is not really used, its the other colors in that range, such as orange or salmon, and they do wonders to dark areas. some also use this color for highlighting.

PRIMARY colors are the ones that are mostly used, then you have the secondary colors and then the rest. Many people just stick to the primary colors, because they are also easier to find in the stores.

Color Concealers - What Are They For? How To Use Them? Green, Purple, Blue, Yellow.


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