Thursday, September 18, 2014
"ATTENTION! ATTENTION! The black eyeliner has been Famous since ancient Egypt, and still to this day we are Enchanted by it, Do You Know Why?..."
"By the Power of my Eyeline I command thee to streatch out the love that my eyes hold..."

Pencil Eyeliners come in different forms and colors and are just what the make- up artist ordered.
They are perfect for those moments when you just want to get away from the normal every day boring look and jazz up those eyes as an expression of your artistic prowess.
Big eyes, small eyes, full eyes it doesn't really matter; once that pencil touches the face, you know what's gonna happen. This is where if done correctly, class and sophistication intertwine.
I can almost guarantee right now that if you are a female, you have a pencil eyeliner somewhere in your purse or at home. Yes, you know you do. And you probably have one in every color too, for those days you wanna coordinate with your outfit.
But what is it about this magic pencil that makes it so appealing? 
Why do we love our eyeliners so much? 
Well let me see if I can answer. That pencil is just something special, it's just perfect if you want to get pretty eyes or intense eyes.
The good thing is you can apply it as perfect as possible or make it kinda messy so it makes those eyes look really hot! (the Smokey Look) you're bound to get complements.
"Cause girl those eyes gonna be popping like a freshly popped popcorn". 
You've got to be careful though when you are applying it, so you don't over do it. If it looks too much it probably is. After all, your aim is not to look like a zombie, you have to look flawless so the less you use the more natural the look. 
You also don't want to stick yourself in the eye so make sure your hands are steady, if not, just get a girlfriend to do it for you.
We ladies love our pencil eyeliner because it's versatile and the looks you can create with them are endless. 
You can get the "cat eye" or do other tricks to spice up your face. What some ladies do sometimes is to use it on their brows and also around their lips. Ooooh it looks so good.
If you choose to do this though, apply as thinly as possible, you never want to look plastic. Oh no you certainly don't.
Some people even use it to create the illusion of beauty spots on the face. What do you think though? It's all about your preference. To achieve a realistic look make sure your pencil is sharpened then go for it.
Press down on the face gently till what looks like a mold is formed. Be warned though that if you sweat or wash your face it will be as good as gone. So I'd recommend leaving that one alone. You just do not need to be known as the girl who once had a beauty spot do you? No, of course not. So just stick to creating lines around your eyes and lips. Your beauty is after all not defined by a so called beauty spot.
 Pencil eyeliners totally rock! Yeah I said it, they do :)

TIP For Longer Lasting Eyeliner

There are some tricks that you can do to make your eyeliner last longer and even more color.
WARNING: this is NOT for everyone, especially not children!
You simply take a lighter and dash the pencil point into the fire for ONLY 1-2 seconds, NO MORE (you do not want it to melt). THEN you blow on it, to cool it down, and then draw you line, believe me  you will instantly see the effect. I do recommend that you first draw a small line on your hand, to see how it looks.


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