Sunday, October 12, 2014
"Ssshhhh... This is a Secret!
Stick that Baby On and Your Gone!"
The brand-new stick-on eyeliner are an exciting product. 

  • What the Heck is a Stick-on Eyeliner??
  • How To Apply The Stick-ons.
  • Watch How To Use These Stick-ons?

They are essentially adhesive stickers that look like liquid eyeliner application, and may come with embellishments like rhinestones on them.
The material used can vary from medical tape to velvet. It is especially useful for people who struggle with creating various designs like the latest favorite, cat-eye.

In addition, it is non-messy and quick. And you do get the advantage of getting evenly shaped liners for both your eyes.

For daily wear, you could choose a regular design, and put the shines on for special occasions! They would be great for nigh-wear as well. The stick-on eyeliner is available in multiple shapes, colors and designs.
The standard out-of-the-box shape can be trimmed to fit your eye shape - however that would need a fair bit of attention to detail, and of course, additional effort. Remember to trim it while still attached to the plastic sheet, and not off it.
Make sure your eyelids are clean and dry before you apply them. You just need to peel them off of the plastic, apply them along your top eyelash and voila! They're quite simple and quick to apply. 

Peel them off carefully so you don't fold or rip them at the edges. 
Start from the inner corner of your eye, adjust the placement, apply just a wee bit of pressure to secure them in place, and you're done.

Although, you might have to use the additional glue (that comes along with the product), to apply as a re-enforcement at certain tricky areas.

You might also need to fill in gaps along the stick-on eyeliner to best suit your own eye shape.
Also, you will need to try and avoid the corners of your creases to make sure the stick-on eyeliner doesn't fold in.

You would want to get the application correct the first time in terms of positioning and direction, as the glue will lose strength each time you reapply. 

Interestingly, they can be re-applied after you've taken them off once. With as much ease, and there's the extra glue you can use, if need be. However, it is not meant for multiple uses, and the self-adhesive will start wearing off, right from the first application.

You are aware of the presence of the stick-on eyeliner on your top lash initially. But they are quite comfortable and are not heavy at all, so you will definitely get used to them being on your eye within no time.

If you're going to put on eye shadow after you apply these, you will need to be a tad careful. You don't want any of your eye shadow colors spilling on to the stick-on eyeliner, because it will be tricky to get them as sharp and clean once they are smudged.

To remove, just tug at the outer corner gently, and peel off slowly to avoid any irritation. You can use cleanser to remove traces of any glue or adhesive, but it won't be half as messy as using liquid liner for sure!
WARNING: There are people that complaint about them being uncomfortable to wear, but I think that might depend upon how sensitive your eyelids are.

HOW TO - Eye Rock Stick-on Eyeliner
by Betty's Beauty Bombs Videos!


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